Update 24 JANUARI 2015

✔Resize icon Floating
✔add select contact & channel shortcut in Floating
✔Private Mode with Password
(Set dulu passwordnya di setting,,untuk nge hide semua tekan jam digital di slide bagian bawah,untuk nampilkannya lagi tekan lagi jam digital ..Kalo lupa password, clear data bbm & login ulang ..

Fitur Lain:
✔On/off Change Background
✔On/off Time Background & Omni ActionBar
✔On/off Blur Background
✔On/off Running Text
✔On/off EnterKey
✔On/off Animasi
✔Togel Musik di slide
✔Jam digital di slide
✔Jam Analog di own profile
✔Dcsms Kalender di own profile
✔Running Text PM
DLL ... DLL ... DLL ...

Credits :
om ‪#‎Dhian‬
om ‪#‎Trangga‬
om ‪#‎Keyz‬

All Mastah & Member
BBM For Android Indonesia
(Official) Modding BBM For Android Indonesia
Spesial Thanks
1.Arya Rock'Rider (Partner Modding Ane grin emotikon )
2.Gentha Tamara Putra ( Yg Udah Bantu nge Clone BBM Ane .. )
Link :

Link Clone :

MOD by :丒乇九九ソ ヘベ
- segala bentuk kritik dan saran bisa langsung disampaikan pada modder -


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